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VitaPrime is an acid based primer that is infused with Vitamin E. Use VitaPrime on the natural nail for those clients where nothing else works to prevent lifting and increase the performance of gel and acrylic systems.

15ml - Airdry

 *IMPORTANT - VitaPrime a flammable liquid which means they can not under any circumstance be express posted, please choose standard postage.

*PLEASE NOTE* Vitaprime can freeze in the bottle in temperatures below 15degrees celsius. If it's been cold in your salon BEFORE even attempting to use VitaPrime please pick up the bottle (ensure the cap is firmly on) and give it a shake. 

Can you hear the liquid moving?

If yes, use the product as normal. 

If no, then the product may be frozen. Place the bottle in a warm place until you can hear the liquid moving. If you try and remove the cap when the product is still frozen you will almost certainly damage your brush.