Hard Gel Course - One on One
Hard Gel Course - One on One

Hard gel course

Hard Gel Course - One on One

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Are you a nail technician and want to learn about hard gel and how to apply it correctly on the nail? This is the course for you.

Hard Gel Course

One on One

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $1,399 AUD

 You will learn:

  • All about Light Elegance and their award winning products
  • How to correctly prep a nail for a hard gel enhancement
  • E-file training
  • The different types of hard gel and when to use them
  • Sculpting with gel
  • How to control gel correctly
  • How to create a beautifully sculpted hard gel nail
  • Shaping techniques
  • How to do a gel overlay
  • Refilling a hard gel nail
  • Tips on how to eliminate or reduce heat spike
  • How to apply colour using a gel brush
  • How to correctly apply glitter gels
  • The sandwich technique

This course includes a certificate of completion and a ready to use kit worth almost $300 that contains products from Light Elegance, a multi award winning company.

Laybuy, Zippay and Afterpay available.

What’s included in your kit:

  • Manual
  • Vitaprime
  • Tack
  • 1-step hard gel
  • Extreme hard gel
  • Glitter Gel
  • Super Shiny top coat
  • File and buffer
  • Cleanser
  • Gel brush
  • Cuticle Oil

 Please note this course is for nail technicians already trained in basic nail knowledge. This is an up skilling class.


Do you want to know how to create beautifully encapsulated nails and how to do a great gel ombre and nail art?

Add the art class on as a second day and you will learn:

  • Encapsulation of chunky glitter which is thin and crystal clear
  • How to use glitter gels
  • How to ombre with gel including a tri coloured ombre
  • Creating the perfect glitter fade
  • Chrome nail art designs (my tips and tricks)
  • Crystal designs
  • Glitter designs
  • Plus many more designs!

Please note the art class is not brand specific


If you would like to see examples of the work I create please search Nat Maloney Nail Artist on Facebook or Instagram